Friday, February 25, 2011

Working for a Roach-Free America!

Which disastrous misadventure shall I relate first? 

Let's start in chronological order:

A couple weeks ago, on a Friday, we had to work late at school--until close to midnight.  Fridays are rough days schedule-wise because we only have one 30 minute break--and it's not until 1:30 P.M.  I'd been checking the weather on my fancy, new Droid X phone and, for reasons I have yet to figure out, shoved it in my back pocket.  While the kids were working on something, I ran next door and asked the 2nd grade teacher to watch my kids for a minute while I ran to the bathroom.

See where I'm going?

I run down the hall, quickly use the bathroom and stand up to wash my hands...when I hear a loud "PLOP" sound.  In what felt like slow-motion I turn around to see my fancy, new Droid X swimming in the toilet.  Wait, it gets better! 

I hadn't flushed yet.

Of course I have to fish it out and am desperately trying to dry it off, knowing I can't take too long because someone else is watching my class and totally annoyed at myself for being so careless.  LONG story short: soaking wet phone in rice does NOT work, insurance comes in handy, customer service activation people are completely useless, and I now have a new phone.

Misadventure #2:

Earlier this week, I was going through the students' daily folders during my morning break (as I do every day).  Thankfully I had my hair in a ponytail (trust me, this tidbit becomes relevant in a minute).  Suddenly I feel something tickling my neck.  I reach my hand up to touch my neck, look down at my hand...and scream like a mother-effin banshee.  It was a roach.  Can you imagine if my hair had been down?!  It would have been crawling in my hair and I probably wouldn't have felt a thing!  Ick.  I get the creepy-crawlies just thinking about it.  Being a fairly old school, we're prone to lots of roaches, but hadn't really seen any in a while so I was trying to figure out where it came from.  Needless to say, the next day I Bengal Roach sprayed the hell out of my room.

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  1. Ya I had to try the cell phone in rice thing once too, totally doesn't work but congrats on the new phone!